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A bad year that could see many fire based disasters including fire burns to family members. Especially in the months of February, May and November. Have your electrical wiring fully checked. Turn off all electrical and electronic gadgets when not in use. Be extra careful in kitchen, especially if you use a gas cylinder.

Heart related health problems will surface. Bloodloss and surgery in the family are indicated. Women folk would be the most affected. Try and avoid getting into arguments. Communication gaps will happen frequently.

If you are in corporate administration or in politics, you will be back-stabbed more than once. You will be haunted by gossips throughout the year. You will make new enemies with ease. Business people will face tough competition and lose a lot of customers. Theft is a reality. Invest in insurance for household articles and install good security systems. Keep a brownish Stilbite Crystal Cluster near your main entrance to minimise the power of negative energy. If you have a car, hang a golden, metal Wou-Lou near the dash board to try and avoid accidents. Be careful when handling sharp metal objects. If you are in fields related to entertainment, books, CDs, fitness centers, etc., you may do better business but due to negative publicity. If you are in teaching or in law practice or running an advertising agency, you will fare better.

Relationship problems and love triangles can happen. Display the combined statue of Dragon & Phoenix or a pair of pink Mandarin Ducks in the south of your bedroom.

Display the “Safety Talisman for 2006” in the North West sector and carry a miniature version of it always.

Door Mat Colour for the Main Door : Blue (on the inside) and Grey (on the outside).


To minimise damage due to gossiping and rumours, arguments and disputes, avoid the colours green and blue in the center of your home. Do not place any moving water features like fish aquarium or water fountains here. Display 8 red roses without thorns and leaves in the center of your home/office/building and light up a small red coloured bulb which will burn continuously, 24/7. This is applicable for all buildings, irrespective of the direction of the main doors.

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