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Power Sacred Geometry Yantra Talismans : "Sri Sudharsan Yantras" (Energised & Programmed to the User)

The most powerful “Sri Sudharsan Series of Yantras” are available in five different sizes : 6” x 6”, 9” x 9”, 12” x 12”, 18” x 18” and 24” x 24” - depending upon the Yantra Model - all come beautifully framed.

Normally, any Yantra, at the best, is energised (through Pranaprathishta, Yagya or Yajna or Homam and other Poojas) & pre-programmed for specific purpose(s). Our Yantra Talismans are Special & Exclusive : they are not only Energised and Pre-Programmed for specific purpose(s), but also specially Programmed to the name(s) of a specific individual or family, as the case may be. Dedicated, Ancient Siddha Energy Correction Techniques are used for Programming these Special Yantras bringing added benefits : (1) the power of the Yantra is magnified multifolds; (2) the energy is fully focused and the purpose/problem is solved faster; (3) the life of the Yantra is much more elongated (than the normal energised Yantras) and (4) there is absolutely no need (for the buyer/user) to do any regular worships or rituals - whether chanting of mantras or ritualistic milk baths or offerings like flowers, rice, sweets, etc., as it has already been programmed to maintain that energy level.

Also unlike most of the Pranaprathishta processes, where the Yantra’s umblical energy chord is cut-off (and it becomes an independant energy tool by itself, but has no back-up) after energising/empowering is over, our Yantras remain connected to the Divine Light Energy Generator and receive energy as and when required. This special process enables our Special & Exclusive Yantras to be more empowered and enjoy a much larger life span, thus benefiting the buyer/user, in a far better way. The “Sri Sudharsan Yantras” are The Ultimate Yantra Power !

Very Important :

Our Sri Sudharsan Series of Yantras are extraordinarily powerful and are sourced, copyrighted, energised and programmed through Divine Light Beings (Devathas/Angels). Every single Yantra channeled by us are linked, empowered, tracked and fed through a Divine Light Energy Generator. Any attempts to copy or duplicate it through any means (like scan, xerox, print, engrave, emboss) will be futile - the unauthorised, unethical copies will never work.

For Price, Packing & Forwarding Charges, etc. mail to crystalvaastu@yahoo.com or call 91+ 098422 40274.

IMPORTANT NOTE : All the Remedies channeled by us are not only ENERGISED, but also PROGRAMMED to the specific purpose & the specific user to derive the maximum possible positive results. Remedies only Energised will have a very short life & very little results. Remedies not even Energised will turn negative quickly and could even damage the user.

To know more about Why Remedies should be Energised and Programmed Click Here.

More Yantras are being launched every week. Check this page frequently for updates.


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Visit Sacred Geometry Yantras - Part II

Y-01 : Yantra For Family Harmony, Removing Drishti (Evil Eye) & for Family Protection

Y-02 : Yantra For Business Success, Growth & Expansion; Prevention of Profit/Money Erosion

Y-03 : Yantra For Personal Development, Career Success (Promotion & Increment), Financial Growth & Prevention of Money Erosion

Y-04 : Yantra For Removal of Drishti (Evil Eye or Malocchio) : Negative Energy caused by others' jealousy, frustration, envy, greed, vendetta

Y-05 : Yantra For Breaking Black Magic, Witchcraft Evil Spells, Hexes, Sorcery, Shaman Magic

Y-06 : Yantra For Protection from Future Afflictions of Black Magic, Witchcraft Evil Spells, Hexes, Sorcery, Shaman Magic

Y-07 : Yantra For Successful Cash Counter Sales in Shops, eShops, Shops and Show Rooms, Online Stores

Y-08 : Yantra For Financial Growth, Collection of Money Due, Repayment of Debts/Loans

Y-09 : Yantra For Getting Married (applicable for Male & Female)

Y-10 : Yantra For Fertility/Progeny, Preventing Miscarriages/Abortions, Safe Delivery of Child

Y-11 : Yantra For Overcoming Blocks, Obstacles and Hurdles in Personal & Professional Life

Y-12 : Yantra For Smooth Construction of a Building/Apartment, Renovation, Extension

Y-13 : Yantra For Productivity, Quality Control, Management; Employees' Retention, Harmony
& Loyalty - for Office, Shop, Showroom, Factory

Y-14 : Yantra For Knowledge, Education, Motivation, Memory Power, Concentration, Creativity, Higher Studies, Marks & Ranks

Y-15 : Yantra For Horoscope Rectification, Correction of Graha Doshas, Appeasing Planets (Navagraha Preethi)

Y-16 : Yantra For General Health, Controlling Diseases & Chronic Illness, Recuperation (Recovery)

Y-17 : Yantra For House Protection : Protection from Robbery, Internal Thefts, Accidents

Y-18 : Yantra For Speculation Luck : Share Markets, Lottery, Horse Racing, Scratch Cards, Betting, Contests,
Card Games & Other Gamblings

Y-19 : Yantra For Correction of Defects in Land & Building as per Vaastu Shastra, Manaiyadi Shastra, Feng Shui, Flying Stars Fengshui & European Bau Biologie, Geopathic Stress Levels

Y-20 : Yantra for Protection of a Child, including for Balarishtam - Upto 12 Years

Y-21 : Yantra For Protection from Robbery, Internal Thefts, Accidents - for Office, Shop, Showroom, Factory

Y-22 : Yantra For Vaseekarana - Attracting all good things in Life

Y-23 : Yantra For Sarva Karya Siddhi; Success in all Tasks, Undertakings and Endeavors

Y-24 : Yantra For Going Abroad for Studies, Protection while Abroad, Safe Return to Native Country

Y-25 : Yantra For Protection from Fears of Accidents, Dangers & Death

Y-26 : Yantra For All Round Success in Life

Y-27 : Yantra For Living a Luxurious Life

Y-28 : Yantra For Repelling Malicious Creatures, Black Entities, Vicious Ghosts, Unsettled Spirits, Dark Beings, Lower Elementals

Y-29 : Yantra For Victory over Enemies, Success over Competition, Protection from Internal Office Politics - for Employed & Self-Employed

Y-30 : Yantra For Protection from Accidents - for Vehicles & People; Travel Safety

Y-31 : Yantra For Achieving Life's Targets, Ambitions, Goals

Y-32 : Yantra For Family Horoscopes’ Rectification, Correction of Graha Doshas, Appeasing Planets (Navagraha Preethi) for Whole Family

Y-33 : Yantra For Preventing Mental Depression, Suicidal Thoughts & Instilling Motivation, Self-Confidence, Determination, Will Power

Y-34 : Yantra For Job Satisfaction, Right Guidance at Right Time

Y-35 : Yantra For Charisma & Magnetism, Reputation & Influence, Freedom from Unpopularity, Gaining Social Status

Y-36 : Yantra For Getting and Retaining Good, Harmonious Tenants

Y-37 : Yantra For Marital Harmony, Sexual Bliss; Reconciling and Bonding Estranged Couple

Y-38 : Yantra For Controlling Karmic Diseases (Cancer, HIV - AIDS, Rheumatism, Brain Tumour, etc.); Mental Peace

Y-39 : Yantra For Getting back Lost Assets & Properties; Solving & Winning Disputed Properties

Y-40 : Yantra For Discipline in Thought and Action, Avoiding Wrong Friendships/Companionships

Y-41 : Yantra For Winning Litigations (Court Cases) & Legal Disputes, Getting Justice

Y-42 : Yantra For Selling/Disposing Land, Building & Other Properties

Y-43 : Yantra For Kitchen Blessing - From Quality, Healthy, Tasty Cooking to Food Digestion - for Homes

Y-44 : Yantra for Enhancing Intuition, Insights, Psychic Skills, Mystic Power, Clairvoyance, etc. - suitable for Healers, Astrologers, Numerologists, Pooja Pandits, Tarot Readers, Rune Casters, I-Ching Readers, Psychic Readers, Clairvoyants, Clairsentients, Clairaudiants, Vaastu Consultants, Fengshui Masters, Bau-Biologie Practitioners, Auric Readers, Tantrics, Magicians, Occult Practitioners, etc.

Y-45 : Yantra for Successful Completion and Implementation of Projects, Contracts

Visit Sacred Geometry Yantras - Part II

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Visit our other site www.fengshui-remedies.com, for our full range of Powerful Sacred Geometry Yantra Talismans.

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