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Crystal Karma Gate 2
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Crystal Karma Gate 2
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Karma Gate 2

Our Crystal Karma Gate 2 is a Crystal Energy Field (CEF) with amazing power.

More massive and more meticulous than the Crystal Karma Gate 1, this CEF incorporates additional 4 Crystal Stupas or Crystal 5 Element Towers and 4 Viswa Vajras or Double Dorjes. This probably makes it the toughest Crystal Energy Fields ever created, barring our own Crystal Star Gate series.

We had described the Crystal Karma Gate-I as the Ultimate Karma Energy Correction; so what is the superiority of this new Crystal Karma Gate-2 ?

(1) The Crystal Energy Field (CEF) of the Crystal Karma Gate-2 has an additional 4 nos. of Crystal Viswa Vajra or Double Dorje (described as a double thunderbolt that destroys all that is evil but which is invincible) and an additional 4 nos. of Crystal Stupas (Five Element Crystal Towers), making it a massive and majestic crystal power source.

The extra capabilities of Crystal Karma Gate-2 is programmed to make positive events happen faster and with better results.

As you can see, the Crystal Karma Gate is truly a giant of a Crystal Energy Field that has the primal cosmic energy power to make and maintain Karmic Corrections forever. For Full Features of Crystal Karma Gate 2, read the Features of Crystal Karma Gate 1.

The visible constituents of the Crystal Karma Gate are : 5 Five Element Crystal Stupa Towers or Pancha Boodha Stupas, 8 Crystal Vajras or Dorje (or Crystal Viswa Vajras / Double Dorje as the case may be), 8 Black Tourmalene Pyramids, 4 Mayan Coloured Rahu Crystals or Vajra Phurba or Dorje Purbha and 9 Copper, Gold Plated Sacred Geometry Shri Yantra (or Sri Yanthra or Shree Yantra).

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