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Utopian Horoscope Field (Brahma Horoscope Correction)

This is an excellent Crystal Energy Field that minimises all problems pertaining to Astrological Horoscope Charts - Natal Horoscope, Gochara Horoscope, Progressive Horoscope, Varsha Phal Chart, Transit Chart, Horary Chart, Prashanna Horoscope, etc. - whether Indian Vedic Astrology or Karmic Astrology or Oriental Astrology or Chinese BaZi : Four Pillars of Destiny or Zi Wei Dou Shu or Western Zodiac Astrology or Esoteric Astrology or Horary Astrology or Mayan Astrology or Hebrew Kabbalah Astrology or Kalachakra Astrology or Elemental Astrology or I-Ching Astrology or Runes Astrology or Islamic Astrology or Astromancy or Alchemical Hermetic Astrology.

Our Crystal Energy Field shields the person from the negative effects of Graha Doshas (like Kuja Dosha, Pithru Dosha, Kaala Sarpa Dosha, etc.), Malefic Planets, Shadow Planets like Maandhi, Gulika, etc., wrong combination of planets in a house, punsihing pairings of Dhasa, Bhukthi, Anthra, Sookshma, Prana, etc. Curses will be broken; Family Karma will be corrected. Marriage blocks will be removed. Obstacles for child birth can be fully cleared.

Our CEF performs differently in different situations. Primarily it creates, energises and maintains an Energy Ball with a 6 feet dia, within which the person will live. It moves, when the person does. This is a powerful Energy Shield that is programmed to react according to the prevailing situation.

The Energy Bubble encounters the planetary negative energy, scans it's nature and magnitude and then acts fast. The planetary negative energy is either destroyed, minimised or converted into usable positive energy, as the case may be. The incoming positive planetary energy is boosted many folds and used to make positive events happen faster. In some cases, it even transforms bad karma into good karma.

When this is done for both husband and wife, perfect marital bliss and harmony will prevail permanently. When it is performed for the whole family, everlasting family unity will occur.

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