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What does an Energy Consultancy or Energy Audit reveal ?

Energy Consultancy or Energy Audit helps you to better understand your Energy Levels which actually influence everything in your life. The LifeForce Energy Assessment Report will briefly furnish the following details :

(1) the Energy Beams that a person (or his/her family or his/her house or office) receives from all the 8 Directions (including planetary energy streams) - whether they are positive or negative and in what percentage and what their impacts are;

(2) the personal energy levels of the person : energy conditions of the Energy Centers or Chakras and the Energy Bodies;

(3) the balance or the imbalance of the Five Elements of the person's land and building;

(4) General outlook, identifying root causes of problems, Karmic baggage, attack by evil sources, if any, etc.;

(5) Recommending the ideal CEF (Crystal Energy Field) for the person (or family or business), not just to solve the current problems but to correct the Karma itself.

Sample of LifeForce Energy Assessment Report :

You can have a look at a sample LifeForce Energy Assessment Report by clicking here.

Inputs needed for Energy Consultancy or Energy Audit :

The inputs needed for the Energy Consultancy are : Birth Name (and currently used spelling), Photo, Date of Birth (and if possible, Time of Birth). You may send all the info, including the scanned photo, by email or courier. The Report will be sent by email.

Charges for Energy Consultancy :

Minimum Charges (either for an Individual or for a family of maximum 4 members and one property) : INR Rs. 35,000/- or US $ 750 (if outside of India).
For a larger family and/or more properties, enquire with specific details.

How to send payment : Payment Options


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