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Universal Crystal Energy Twister

The Universal Crystal Energy Twister (UCET) is a Crystal Energy Field (CEF) custom built to fully break and destroy all types of Negative Energy & Evil Entities, including Black Magic like VooDoo (VouDou), etc.

The specialised CEF creates (and programs and energises) specific Universal Crystal Energy Twisters (UCET) for your lands, buildings and for all your family members, individually. The UCET will be a golden coloured oval shaped Energy Shield, invisibly 2 feet around you, surrounding you, protecting you. The CEF also throws an Energy Alert Ring (EAR) with a radius of many kilometers, once again for all your immovable assets and your people. If you move, your personal EAR also moves with you.

If any negative energy or evil creature directed at you comes near the outer periphery, a pre-programmed energy alarm rings out and the CEF goes into an emergency mode. Your personal UCET expands (with specially chanelled energy from the CEF) as a very powerful golden coloured, oval shaped Energy Shield, if necessary, upto 12 feet dia, to first receive the evil energy, twist and destroy the information etched in it about you and finally make it rebound back to it’s source. Once the whole inner perimeter is cleansed, your EAR sends back a green signal to it’s parent CEF and your personal UCET shrinks back to it’s normal format. When all this happens, you will be protected inside an Energy Cocoon, going about your normal duties and blissfully ignorant and perfectly safe. What was said above is applicable for all your lands, homes, offices and family members.

The Universal Crystal Energy Twister is the Ultimate Crystal Energy Weapon against even the most powerful black energy. It can be built specifically for individuals, families, lands, buildings and/or business. It is much more powerful than our own Crystal Black Hole and Coloured Rahu Crystal Flame.


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