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Crystal Karma Gate 3
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Karma Gate 3

The primary edge of Crystal Karma Gate 3 (CKG 3) over CKG 2 is that it has a Special Reservoir of Crystal Energy. Normally, in case of an emergency, CKG 1 and CKG 2, like most of the other CEFs (Crystal Energy Fields), divert a portion of their energy needed to tackle the problem. To that extent, there will be a shortage of Crystal Energy Resources available for the client's family/business. In case of CKG 3, even if two different emergencies occur simultaneously, the standard Crystal Energy Resources are not diverted and they continue to become 100% available to the client's family/business. Instead, the built-in Special Reservoir of Crystal Energy gets activated automatically, shields everyone and everything that are of the client's and solves the problems arising out of the emergency. Thus the normal and routine activities of the client's family and business are not disturbed.

The Crystal Karma Gate 3 also has all of the features of Crystal Karma Gate 1 and Crystal Karma Gate 2.

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