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House Energy Correction is the concept of controlling the 8 Directional Energies; 7 Chakras and 7 Energy Bodies of the People; Boosting and Balancing the 5 Elements of the Lands & Buildings. Simply stated, it is the Total Energy Rectification of Horoscopes of the Family Members and Business Partners; Vaastu and Fengshui Energy Correction for their Lands & Buildings. Read the revealing FAQs about unique Crystal Energy Fields based on the Ancient Siddha Programming Techniques for Karma Correction. This is the second of a series of 3 parts of FAQs.

Question 9 : Can you describe a Special Feature or a Special Crystal Energy Field ?

Oh yes. There are 2 high end CEF series called Crystal Karma Gate and Crystal Karma Galaxy. There are many special features in these models, eventhough one aspect really stands out. It is that they have a built-in Energy Ball Generator : all of your morally and ethically correct positive thoughts, wishes and tasks - whether personal or professional - are assigned to individually created (invisible) Energy Balls. The Energy Balls are programmed and energised accordingly and automatically, so that they maintain the right level of energy push and energy pressure until the event happens or the wish realises, fully. Fantastic, isn't it ?

Question 10 : How long does it take you to create a Crystal Energy Field (CEF) and then for results ?

My CEFs are custom built from the scratch. They are not to be compared with market-ready Reiki Grids and the like. Depending upon the model, anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks will be needed. The results start coming after the first 3 months of installation of the Crystal Energy Fields.

Question 11 : What happens when the client shifts his house or office - does he have to redo the House Energy Correction once again ?

I am glad you asked this question. Unlike other remedies which are place-oriented, mine is customer-oriented. All my CEFs are programmed to re-tune themselves to any new house or office, automatically. Which means when a client shifts to a new building, his CEF auto-tunes itself for this new place. It cleanses, boosts and balances the 5 Elements of the new land and building and integrates it to the client's family karma. In fact the CEF is safely installed inside a box that is comfortably portable.

Question 12 : And if there are any Vaastu or Feng Shui defects in the building ?

Any negative energy arising out of defects in Vaastu (Indian Vedic Vastu Vaastu Vasthu Vaasthu Shastra) or Fengshui (Chinese Feng Shui) are fully nullified by the CEF. There is no need for any alteration or demolition. Similarly the Geopathic Stress Levels as per the European Bau Biologie (Building Biology) are also totally corrected.

Question 13 : What about the people who live in rented house or shared apartments ?

It does not make any difference whether the native is living in own house or rented house or is sharing a flat with several other occupants. The House Energy Correction is done for a particular family or individual in the specific context of their currently residing living space. When the native shifts to another rented or own building, the CEF automatically does Energy Correction for this new living space. All other occupants continue to exist as per their Karma. There is no clash of interests here.

Question 14 : What if the different members of the same family live in different homes ?

Even if different members of the same family live in different homes or even different countries, still my CEF will reach out to them with ease. Only thing is that the CEF used for House Energy Correction will be of a different category with some high end Crystal Programming.

Question 15 : What you are saying is that your House Energy Correction takes into account the Horoscopes of the Family as well as the Vaastu/ Feng Shui/Bau Biologie of their property ?

Absolutely, but it is more and beyond that. It envelopes not only Birth Horoscopes but also Progressive and Gochara Horoscopes. It not only takes care of Vedic Vaastu Shastra, Oriental Feng Shui & European Bau-Biologie, but also the concepts of Gochara Vaastu and the Chinese Flying Stars Fengshui too.

Question 16 : Reverting back to our earlier conversation, how does "Programming" differ from "Energising" ?

"Energising" is the process of filling the remedy (whether it is Crystal or Feng Shui Cure or Pyramid or Sacred Geometry Yantra) with auspicious and positive energy, to last for a long, long time. "Programming" is the process of empowering the energy itself. In other words, "Programming" means defining and dedicating the positive energy to execute and complete specific tasks for specific people. Mere energising is not enough. Programming of remedies is a must.

A classical example will be the Computer. Like Computer, any good remedy is a powerful hardware. But you need to connect and switch on the Computer to make it active and stay alive - which is "energising". For the Computer to operate meaningfully, you need a proper software. That is the "programming" part.

Question 17 : How do you say your Crystal Energy Fields are "custom-built" ?

Crystal Grids or Crystal Energy Fields sold in the market are based on some regular designs, say, for healing or health. Here the crystals are simply assembled, mounted, (some are even) energised and sold off to the customer. There is either no programming at all or very rudimentary programming. The crystals are not selected exclusively for the customer or for his specific problems. A classical example would be what is popularly called as a Reiki Crystal Grid.

In my case, the Crystal Shape, Crystal Colour, Crystal Power and the Quantity of the Crystals are individually selected based on the Karma of the customer's family, business, lands, buildings and the problems he is facing as well as those he would likely face, in the future. Then the Crystals are Programmed and Energised. The Crystal Energy Field is near-permanent. It will work only for the programmed tasks, for the programmed people only. There is no energy loss involved. Thus it is custom-built.

The FAQs will be continued in Part III.

Read Part III of this article ...

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